Knokkelled Birfield 27 spline CV

( 800,00 )
Du sparer: 562,50
Toyota 40-60-70. Forstærket.
Model/varenr.: 140182-1
Vægt: 3

This is an OEM style, 27-spline birfield made entirely out of 4340 chromoly material.  The material upgrade makes this birfield much stronger than stock.

Note: All Trail-Gear products carry a one year warranty against defects. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship. An example of a covered defect would be a missed machining step that prevents installation or a significant internal material void. This warranty does not cover normal failure or breakage that is typical when using stock joints in extreme conditions. 4340 Chromoly Birfield joints will not hold up to extreme usage with oversized tires.

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