Axle shaft/birf kit Suzuki

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Model/varenr.: 141039-3-Kit
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At Trail-Gear there are two things that we know all about, breaking parts and making parts that can't be broken. That is why we made our Samurai Rock Assault™ Front Axle Kit out of nothing less then 4340 chromoly. We started with a forged 4340 chromoly steel housing, cage, and race then used grade 20 precision ball bearings. We also redesigned the whole birfield with an extended and contoured cage, and relieved the bell so that it allows for increased travel and angularity. We wanted nothing but the best for axle shafts so we went all out with rolled splines (not cut, which is the weak point in most shafts). The shaft is a larger diameter than stock, and upgraded from 22 to 26 spline.

Note: To install The Samurai Rock Assault™ Front Axle Kit you will need 26 spline spider gears in your 3rd member. You can obtain these 26 spline spider gears either by purchasing the OEM rear axle spider gears (they are 26 spline stock in the rear third) or by simply purchasing a locker with 26 spline spider gears, which is common in this application.

Warning: Even with all the engineering and upgraded material we do not recommend that you use these birfields with larger than a 35 inch tire.

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